Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Ain't Know Shit

It is starting to bother me how anyone can adopt a philosophy at face value; after reading one manual on "how you should live your life", they adopt all the principles within and immediately subscribe to the idea, as if they can't wait to get their filthy hands all over it and soil anything worthwhile it ever might have had to offer them.

I am just as guilty as this. My search for an identity lead me to some of the right and most of the wrong places. I was way too concerned with discovering my "self" than actually being an individual who was worth a shit.

More than anything, atheists piss me off. Their smug conviction which is usually the result of absorbing a Dawkins rant or two is becoming too much to cope with. I'd rather get punched in the face than have another verbal sparring match with one of these dopes. Frankly, the second someone tells me they are an atheist, and goes on to repeat the tired diatribe about how a God couldn't possibly exist, I can't help looking at them as anything else but mundane, trendy, uninteresting fodder.

This goes for everyone who has decided they know what life is all about at the age of thirty or under. Because people don't know jack shit about shit. They regurgitate sentence fragments they and quotes from the internet they found inspiring. They watch continuous streams of philisophical jack-off sessions on YouTube as constant bias confirmation.

Do atheists bother me because they are atheist? No. They bother me because they couldn't be any more fucking boring and insipid.

There is a certain category of people who subscribe to close-mindedness the second they find anything that shares like values. They instantly begin top study all material pertaining ONLY to subjective "truth" they have discovered. Their intellectual face is a pore-clogged mess of blackheads and grease which they make no attempt to wash before cluttering it with even more nonsense that only serves to backup their very well informed opinion - well informed, at least, only from one angle, from one solid, detrimental perspective.

Open the pores first. Clean out the dirt. The Cartesian approach of ditching all "knowledge" and finding your own truth through extensive, exhaustive study is what forms an individual with character; one who might have something remotely interesting to say.

If I see one more fucking atheist who only reads the Bible to learn quotes to fire off at "stupid Christians" in one of their long-winded bullshit "debates", I think I'll lose my fucking mind.

It's the pot calling the kettle black, obviously. I am more than guilty of doing this. But I was also doing it during a time where the most interesting thing I created ended up in the toilet every morning. This isn't a carrion cry for people to pick up the books; I don't really give a shit what they do at this point. I just never want my perceived "atheism" (if I am forced to use any limp-wristed term to pidgeonhole myself, I am agnostic at best) to lead to another boring, deluded, group-think conversation with some patsy who thinks we can be friends because we both have the incredibly broad thinking perspective of simply NOT believing in a specific God.

This is the same sort of shit mentality that leads people to believe they have made a new "friend" when one of mommys pals comes over for coffee time and brings her worthless little broodling along for the ride. You aren't friends; the little shit was forced to be there. Keep playing with your lego and shut the fuck up; he will be just as excited to leave as you will be to pretend someone gives a shit about you for more than two seconds.

The chances are exceedingly good that I couldn't give a good goddamn about anything about you. It isn't your fault, and it isn't pretentiousness; I am at least as fucking miserable and boring as you are. The only difference is that I don't spend every day thinking otherwise and trying to bore others with my bullshit "conversation", the absolute lowest form of entertainment.

If I'm going to get caught up in the "rather-to's", I'd rather read a shitty book any day than spend a single second talking about ideologies. At least a book offers a little quietude and doesn't have halitosis.

Deciding that you have somehow transcended, that you have "figured it all out", especially after crunching your brain to read one or two books on whatever philosophy or worldview it is you are trying to adopt is intellectual cowardice. The people who claim they know nothing are the only ones who know anything, because they have learned enough to realize that there is too much knowledge out there for them to possibly ever know.

The more you learn, the less you know. That fact alone makes it impossible to ever fully subscribe to anything with any real conviction; there will always be something else out there to prove your worthless ass to be fundamentally wrong about everything.

If this sounds hard, don't worry; it will all be over soon. If it's too much to handle in the meantime, there is always television and radio; it doesn't ask you for anything except for the attention of your flaccid, vapid brain. It just wants another pile of grey putty to play with.

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